About Us

Owner:  Bob and Linda Cook

Ace Property Management is a bilingual full management company with offices in Idaho and Oregon.  They have 29 years of experience in management with 16 of those year managing for the Federal Government.  They are a member of NARPM (national association of residential property managers).

F.Y.I.   Idaho does not have a licensing body for management companies.  When qualifying management companies number one should be how long have they been in business? (Hopefully that will help protect any money that they are holding or have collected on your behalf.  The longer they have been business would hopefully mean that they plan on being in business for awhile. With the rapid growth that Idaho has experienced in the past few years there have been several management companies that have already come and gone) Are they willing to provide references?  What are there set-up fees?  Do they keep all of the late fees?

Included in your monthly management fees with Ace Property Management at not addition cost to the you, the owner, are the following:

  • Advertising

  • Rental applications, credit reports, job verification, case by case background checks.
  • Collection of rent and late fees
  • 3 and 30-day notices served
  • New construction final inspections and new construction warranty walk-thrus
  • Payments of bills, mailing of owners net proceeds and/or direct deposit.
  • Monthly reports as well as year-end income and expense reports.
  • Monthly drive-by inspections with physical inspections of the inside every 3-6 months or on an as need bases.

Additional costs to the owner if applicable, as follows by limited to:

Obtaining of the Unlawful Detainer (required if tenant does not vacate after the 3 or 30 day notice)
Filing in Small Claims Court and Garnishment of wages

All maintenance (if tenant causes, it is still deducted from the owners account and charged back against the tenant)